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Pain Relief

Panadol Paracetamol Mini Caps


Information Benefits of Panadol Mini Caps • Mini Caps are capsule-shaped and have a gelatin coating over the tablet that is designed to slip down your throat and allow for easy swallowing • Like other Panadol products, Panadol Mini Caps are...

Panadol Paracetamol Tablets


General Information Panadol Tablets are effective on pain and gentle on stomachs. What this medicine is used for:Fast effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with:Headache/Tension headache.Migraine headache.Muscular aches...

Panadol Children 5-12 Years 200mL


General Information Panadol Children 5-12 Years Orange Flavour helps reduces fever and fast pain relief. Use Children's Panadol for:Fast effective temporary relief from fever and pain associated with:TeethingImmunisationEaracheHeadacheCold &...

Panadol Children Chewable Tablets


General Information Panadol Children 3+ Years Chewable Cherry Flavour is effective temporary relief of fever and pain associated with teething, immunisation, earache, headache, cold & flu symptoms. Panadol Children 3+ Years Chewable Cherry Flavour is...

Advil Pain & Fever Suspension 200mL


General Information Advil Children 2-12 Years Pain & Fever Relief Strawberry Banana Flavour Liquid Suspension helps relieve children's pain and provides fever relief for up to 8hr. Pharmacy Medicine. Advil Children 2-12 years strawberry banana...